Hunger of Hadar Edit

Opens a gateway to the dark between the stars. This region is infested with unknown horrors. There is a 20 foot radius sphere of blackness and bitter cold. The void is filled with soft whispers and slurping noises. Nothing can illuminate this area and creatures in it are blinded. The void is difficult terrain as it warps the fabric of space. 

Faerie FireEdit

Each object in a 20 foot cube within range is outlined in blue, green, or violet light. Any creature is also outlined. For duration these creatures affected shed dim light. 

Dancing LightsEdit

You create up to four torch-seized lights that hover. They can be combined into one human-ish form of medium size. Shed a dim light in a ten foot radius. 

Cloud of DaggersEdit

You fill the air with spinning daggers centered on a point you choose. They spin in a cube five feet on each side. 

Banishing SmiteEdit

Causes a weapon to critically strike, crackling with force. If the attach reduces the target below 50 hit points you banish it. If it is native to another plane of existence it disappears. It vanishes otherwise into a harmless demiplane. 

Arcane EyeEdit

You create an invisible magical eye that hovers and recieve visual information from that eye which can look in every direction and has both normal and darkvision. 

Acid SplashEdit

You hurl a bubble of acid at a creature.