Basilisk BloodEdit

Jaqen H'ghar uses it to kill Weese. It gives cooked fish a savory smell and makes people go mad. 


Given possibly to Arya in the House of Black and White. It causes temporary blindness. 


Helps someone sleep peacefully.


A poison made from toadstool. 

Manticore VenomEdit

Used by Oberyn Martell to kill Gregor Clegane. It kills the instant it reaches the heart but can be thickened to delay death. 

Milk of the PoppyEdit

Is an opiate made by maesters from the poppy flower. It is a powerful painkiller or anesthetic. 

Moon TeaEdit

Is made out of tansy, mint, wormwood, honey, and pennyroyal. Causes abortions and pregents pregnancy. 


Poison made from tiny purple crystals from a plant from the islands of the Jade Sea. 

Tears of LysEdit

Lysa puts this in the wine of Jon Arryn. It causes people to die of stomach ailments. It has a red colour and dissolves in liquid. It is clear and sweet. 

Weirwood PasteEdit

Awakens one's greenseeing abilities. 

Wine of CourageEdit

Used by the Unsullied, it is made from nightshade, bloodfly larva, black lotus root, and secret things. It makes them fearless in battle and erases the sensation of pain.