Chocolate RainEdit

Tastes like chocolate. You get the ability to throw a 5 foot square of liquid chocolate over whoever you think about for one hour. 

Bottled MiseryEdit

Viscous blue liquid stored in a teardrop shaped container. Looking at it evokes mild sorrow. Consumes victim with misery and hopelesness if touched by the liquid. 


Comes in a small bottle with a cork. Is a deep crimson. The bottle has a tag with two flexing arms with huge muscles. Causes increased strength in the drinker for one hour. 

Elixer of MadnessEdit

Potion causes madness. Can cause either short term, long-term or infinite. After one sip has been consumed the rest of the elixer loses its magical qualities and becomes a foul-tasting liquid. 

Noggenfogger ElixerEdit

Can cause people to shrink if they role an odd number. Causes someone to become totally transparent down to the bone if they role an even number, making them appear like a skeleton. The potion lasts 10 minutes. 


Gives the drinker a sixth sense, allowing them to detect creatures with an intelligence score higher then three within two miles from you. Direction but not exact location is discovered. 

Scarlet BovineEdit

Reduces exhaustion and increases movement speed. There is a 5% chance that you grow wings. The effects last an hour.