Candle of TruthEdit

Is a white tallow candle that when burned calls into place a zone of truth spell around the candle that lasts for one hour. If the candle is snuffed the effects are cancelled. 


Is ebony and evil. Wherever it goes the area around it is treated as though it has an unhallow spel around it. 

Efreeti BottleEdit

Is brass or bronze, with a lead stopper bearing seals. A thin line of smoke issues from it. It can be opened once a day, and when opened the efreeti imprisoned within issues from the bottle immidately. There is a 10% chance of the efreeti granting three wishes, and there is a 10% chance that it is insane and attacks. Either way it disappears forever. The other 80% of the time it loyally serves the character for 10 minutes a day until it dies.